Actor Michael Kenneth Williams, best known for playing Omar Little, Barack Obama's favorite character on HBO's "The Wire," is jumping into the political fray with an endorsement of sitting New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine:

Williams' Obama-centric pitch mixed a few metaphors, but made a point:

This is real life, this is not's not a black on white thing, this is a people thing.... This Governor's election is more important than any other. It's important that we get Corzine back in office. Corzine supported [Obama's] entire senate election; he saw the vision before we did. So right now we need to put all of Obama's pieces in place. This election is like a chess game. And Obama needs his rook, his bishop, his knight, for all of them to be the same suit...[Corzine] believes in Obama so I believe in him.

Obama has been burning up the fundraising circuit in 2009, making 21 appearances worth over $20 million for the Democratic party and various Democratic candidates. After a $30,400 per couple dinner and two other fundraisers in New York City, the president is set to stump for Corzine Wednesday afternoon, before hitting events for Connecticus Senator Chris Dodd and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick later this week. No telling if he'll throw the love back at Omar when he hits New Jersey.


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