Women make up fifty percent of HIV infections across the globe.  We know this. Some men prefer to have sex without condoms. Especially in sub Saharan Africa and many corners of America.  We know this too.  If not, know it and change the habit or knock some sense into ANYONE who brags about this criminal behavior and victimizing innocent women [and men]. Trust me, I had to grill a friend about selective condom use.  I also insisted he get into therapy to unearth his personal value so he wouldn’t continue to impose his value-less life on women, but that’s another blog for another time.

For the last decade scientists have been trying to create a microbicide to protect women from HIV infection and the careless men who expose them to it.  Well, after a few failed attempts, scientists have found the ultimate microbicide, a thickening gel.  The gel actually turns semi-solid upon contact with sperm.  In fact, it keeps sperm from touching the vaginal wall.  This is great news for women who have male partners who believe condom-free sex is a real man's sex. You know, men who should be imprisoned for consecutive lifetimes.  The gel needs a few more clinical trials before hitting the market.  But something else worries scientists:  they're concerned women won't use it.  They're not convinced women will trust a gel that is expected to go semi-solid during sex and protect them from HIV.

What do you think? Do women have any other options?  Would you trust a gel over a condom?

Keith Josef Adkins is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter and social commentator.