1. News

    1. Infant Will Likely Never See, Hear Again After Babysitter Threw Him for Pulling PlayStation Cord

    2. Students Walk Out of Lecture After Professor Says Everyone Descends From Africa
    3. University of Louisville Coach Rick Pitino Charged in Prostitution Scandal
    4. Trump’s ‘Nasty Woman’ Comment Backfires as ‘Nasty Women’ Rise Up for Clinton
    5. NYC Man Shoots BB Rifle From Roof of Building, Hitting 10-Year-Old in Classroom
    6. Things Got Really Weird After Derrick Rose’s Rape Trial
    7. Ga. Teen Has Leg Amputated After Being Repeatedly Slammed to the Ground by School Employee
    8. Miss. Teacher Caught on Video Dragging Special-Needs Student by the Hair
    9. Veteran TV Reporter Confronts Man Who Called Him the N-Word
    10. Federal Magistrate Judge Sides With Transgender Teen in Ill. Bathroom Case
  2. Culture

    1. The Price We Paid: Race, Reparative Justice and the Drug War

    2. Thomas Mikal Ford’s Tommy Strawn Was a ’90s Fashion King
    3. #RiseUpAsOne: We Can Build Bridges, Not Walls
    4. Study Confirms What We Already Know: When it Comes to Social Media, Mobile Tech Black Millennials Rule
    5. Why Miko Grimes’ Flavor of ‘Bou-ghetto’ Is Just Right for Me
    6. Visiting Egypt, the Cradle of Civilization, Can Change Your Life
    7. Michel’le’s Surviving Compton Doesn’t Forget About Dre
    8. Who Gets to Be Black?
    9. Unique Views Podcast, Episode 14: Social Media Suicide: It’s Just Podcast Talk
    10. Dear Lifetime, Don’t Make a Beyoncé Biopic. Signed, Original Member of the Beyhive
  3. Lists

    1. 12 Unsung Skills in the Black Community

    2. Thanks to Chance the Rapper, #BlackBoyJoy Is a Thing
    3. 8 GIFs to Celebrate Obama’s Birthday
    4. Happy Birthday, Laurence Fishburne! Celebrate His Most Epic Movie Moments
    5. The Ultimate Breakup Playlist, Inspired by Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs
    6. 9 Hilarious RNC Memes
    7. 7 Times Fantasia Took Us to Church With Her Stunning Performances
    8. 6 Black Women Who Are Leading Africa’s Digital Revolution
    9. 10 STEM Summer Camps for Students of Color
    10. The Most Important Job Nobody Wants: The 3 People Who Could Be Trump’s Veep Pick
  4. Politics

    1. Green Party VP Nominee Ajamu Baraka: We Must Disrupt Our Relationship to Democratic Party

    2. Donald Trump at the Apollo Sounds Like the Recipe for a Race Riot
    3. What Conservatives Really Mean When They Talk About Rap
    4. For Colored Folk Who Have Considered Suicide When This Election Was Too Much
    5. Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon Rejoins Race for Mayor With Write-In Campaign
    6. Hillary Clinton Needs to Let the ‘Bitch’ Loose on Trump
    7. For Sexual Assault Victims, Donald Trump Is Triggering
    8. Yusef Salaam of the Central Park 5: Trump ‘Unfit to Be President’
    9. The #TrumpTape Debate: Either Hillary Clinton Wins the Debate or America Has Lost Its Way
    10. For Black People, Donald Trump Is America
  5. History

    1. Who Were My Enslaved Ancestor’s Parents?

    2. Am I Related to President Andrew Jackson?
    3. Was My Black Ancestor Named After a Confederate General?
    4. Was My Ancestor a Free Afro-Hispanic of Color?
    5. I Want to Find a Slave’s Descendants and Apologize
    6. Is My Family’s ‘Slave Name’ the Wrong One?
    7. My Family Is West Indian. How Did I Get Melanesian DNA?
    8. Did My Black Ancestors Enter the US via Ellis Island?
    9. How Do I Save a Family Bible That Is Falling Apart?
    10. Did My Black Forebear Have Kids With a White Employer?
  6. Photos

    1. 10 Signs You’re Black and From Fla.

    2. The Roots Young Futurists Are Ready to Change the World: Where Are They Now?
    3. SnapBlack: 12 Black Snapchatters You Should Follow
    4. 10 Black Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Starring Roles
    5. 10 Ways You Know You’re Afro-Latinx
    6. 15 Hair Products That Can Make It Easier to Go Natural
    7. 10 Stunning Images From The Birth of a Nation
    8. 10 TV Couples Who Truly Represent #BlackLove
    9. Check Out These Actors and Directors Working the Big Screen This Fall
    10. The Root Hosts Young, Fabulous and Female in Philly