The May and June months seem to be filled with lots of happy occasions--graduation ceremonies, promotions and lots and lots of weddings.  For the next few weeks, we'll be looking at how you can Come Correct to all of these events.  If you're wondering, for instance:

Do I have to give a present from the gift registry, or can I choose to give the bride and groom something different?

Can I wear a the whole nine to my second wedding--long white dress, veil, 10 attendants?

My dad has remarried and my mom hates his wife; can I ask him to leave her home?

My fiance's parents are deeply religious, but we aren't.  Do we have to have a church wedding?

Can I return a present that I know I'll never use?

We'll talk about all that and more, dearly beloved.  So here's a chance for inquiring minds to bring it on: hit us at  And remember that your letter could be published unless you ask us not to.

Karen Grigsby Bates is a Los Angeles-based correspondent for NPR News and co-author, with Karen Elyse Hudson, of The New Basic Black: Home Training For Modern Times (Doubleday).