1. News

    1. GoFundMe Freezes $184,000 of Funds Donated to Homeless Teen after Inquiry into Story 

    2. New York City Settles with Family of Avonte Oquendo for $2,700,000 
    3. Mom Orchestrated Murders of Witnesses in Son’s Trial, Prosecutors Say 
    4. Noodles & Co. Employees Fired Over Refusal to Serve Police Officer
    5. Melania Trump’s Official Website Disappears Amid Questions About Her College Degree
    6. Indianapolis Police Searching for Man Who Kept Woman Chained in Basement for Days
    7. Obama Presidential Library to Be Located in Jackson Park on Chicago’s South Side: Report
    8. Iowa City Police Release Body-Cam Footage of Encounter With Football Player
    9. 16-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Black Pilot to Fly Across Country
    10. No Charges in Case of Texas Girl Who Was Injured by Rope Around Neck on School Trip 
  2. Culture

    1. I’m With Her: Kendall Jenner Says ‘Free the Nipple,’ and I Do Too

    2. 6 Historic Structures in America That Were Built by Slaves
    3. Michael Jordan: A Day Late and a Million Dollars Short
    4. How to Be Less ‘Dangerous’ to White People
    5. #FreedomNow: Why We Must Disinvest From the Fraternal Order of Police
    6. A Great Black TV Show Is Suffering From Survivor’s Remorse
    7. Relationship Hall Passes Are Dumb, Like Jordan-Playing-Baseball Kinda Dumb
    8. The Fire This Time: Anthology Features a New Generation of Authors Speaking Out on Race
    9. Prenups Are for Poor People
    10. Nice Day for a ‘White’ Wedding: The Problem With Whiteness in Bridal Magazines
  3. Lists

    1. The Ultimate Breakup Playlist, Inspired by Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs

    2. 9 Hilarious RNC Memes
    3. 7 Times Fantasia Took Us to Church With Her Stunning Performances
    4. 6 Black Women Who Are Leading Africa’s Digital Revolution
    5. 10 STEM Summer Camps for Students of Color
    6. The Most Important Job Nobody Wants: The 3 People Who Could Be Trump’s Veep Pick
    7. These Musicians Are Geminis. But Are You Surprised?
    8. 15 New Books by Black Authors to Dive Into This Summer
    9. 11 Summer Must-Reads for Young Readers
    10. Celebrating Being Young, Fabulous and Female in NYC
  4. Politics

    1. Hollywood Celebrities Show Up in Support of DC Statehood

    2. #DNCinPHL? Don’t Forget to Ask Black Philly About That
    3. Dear Michelle Obama, Never Leave. Sincerely, Everyone
    4. Democrats to Unite After They Finish Self-Destructing
    5. Why We Should Talk About Gentrification and Other Pillar Issues This Election
    6. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Shoots Herself in the Foot Right Before the DNC
    7. Barack Obama MLK’d His DNC Speech in 2004. Too Bad Part of It Was Just a Dream
    8. The RNC Is Over, but Can We Talk About Pastor Mark Burns?
    9. Donald Trump, America’s Savior: 3 Takeaways From His RNC Speech
    10. The One Reaction Everyone Should Have to Donald Trump’s RNC Nomination Speech
  5. History

    1. Help Me Find My Ancestors in Slave Records

    2. How Do I Connect With Kin of My Ancestor’s Slave Owners?
    3. Star-Spangled Bigotry: The Hidden Racist History of the National Anthem
    4. A DNA Test Says I’m Part Black. How Do I Embrace That?
    5. Am I Related to Free People of Color in NC?
    6. Tell Me More About My Runaway Slave Ancestor
    7. How Do I Research My Kin’s Jamaican Origins?
    8. How Do I Decode Slave Records?
    9. The Lynching of My Husband’s Ancestor Shocked a Nation
    10. Am I Related to Black Nationalist Martin R. Delany?
  6. Photos

    1. Boyz n the Hood Cast at 25: Where Are They Now?

    2. Tumult: 72 Hours in Photos 
    3. Tennis Royalty: The Williams Sisters Love to Serve
    4. Happy 18th Birthday, Malia Obama! 
    5. Celebrities Who Hold It Down for the Divine 9
    6. POTUS Loves the Kids
    7. American Black Film Festival: 20 Years of Nurturing the Dreams of Black Filmmakers
    8. Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Kicks Off Its Spring Season With ‘Spirit’
    9. ‘The Greatest’: 35 Fascinating Photos of Muhammad Ali
    10. Celebrating Being Young, Fabulous and Female in NYC