I’d Rather Laugh At Your Poll Numbers Than The Recession

Recession jokes are about as funny as an unemployment check, so why is Texas governor Rick Perry attempting to make other rich people laugh while his constituents suffer?  

At a time when generic Kool-Aid and syrup sandwiches are reaching all-time-high levels of popularity, does anyone want to hear jokes about the state of the economy?

I would think not, which is why Governor Rick Perry might want to kiss a roll of duct tape if plans to make his bid for re-election successful.

While speaking to a business-group luncheon (re: other rich folk) in Houston last Thursday, Gov. Perry shared a story about how someone put out a report that claimed Texas would be the first state to emerge from the recession. That’s when he decided he was Jeff Foxworthy and proceeded to crack a joke.

Are you laughing? If so, you must be another detached member of the upper crust of society. Good for you. Now have a cookie and sit your wealthy self down while the rest of us go and try to make the rent.

Or better yet, have your servant bring you a Fig Newton.

This is reason No. 713 for why Perry’s poll numbers are lower than me at the club.

While Texas did not feel the effects of the recession as quickly as other states, the state has suffered throughout 2009 – reaching its highest level of unemployment in 20 years.

I’m sure both Perry’s primary challenger – Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson – and whatever Democratic gubernatorial nominee that awaits the Republican nominee appreciated his impersonation of someone with actual comedic talent.