Want A Job? Pick Up Mandarin … or Pin Down An Inmate

From picking up trash to flying all the way to Shanghai, job seekers young and old are exploring new terrain in their search for career opportunities.

As previously mentioned, though the unemployment rate beat expectations by dropping a slight margin there are still plenty out there looking for work.

For a number of job seekers, though, hope has faded to the point where many have put an indefinite hold on their respective searches. There are those, however, who are still out and about looking for a gig – and the experience has become quite humbling.

Take Kristen Thompson, who was included in a report by the Associated Press on the jobs once considered the dirtiest and dangerous now becoming highly sought after positions.

Before the recession, Thompson worked as a pricy personal trainer at an upscale gym in Los Angeles. Now she’s a guard at a women’s prison in rural Wyoming.

Similar stories can be said for others profiled who now work at sewage plants and slaughterhouses.

While these adults speak out on jobs they never pictured themselves working, teenagers across the country are experiencing the complete opposite.

Every teenager deserves the right to have some crappy job that drives them insane and causes them to develop a certain disdain for people. Sadly, their cash-strapped parents are taking the jobs meant for them.

And for those looking to earn experience related to their future careers, the internship hustle has become harder than ever. Things have gotten so bad that some college students have started paying for services to help them find an internship.

Yep, that’s right the New York Times revealed that parents are now paying for their kids to get the chance to work for free. In one example, parents of a college junior dropped $8,000 for their son to work as an assignment at Ford Modeling Agency.