Keeping the Faith

Does it ever get so bad where you no longer want to believe? One reader still clings to her faith despite rocky times, but are there others out there starting to let go?

Out all of the letters I received in response to my piece about my plight with student loans the one that stuck out most was from a reader who noted that I neglected to mention how faith helped me deal with my circumstances.

I tend to keep my faith private, but for many Americans there’s no greater time to be more open about discussions of faith, doubt, and deliverance from what’s ailing them than now.

Recently CNN Money spotlighted three families of separate faiths and how each grapples with faith and fiances.

This piece focused on issues like keeping up with the cost of going kosher, violating the Qu’ran’s prohibition of paying or receiving riba (interest), and aversions to wealth.

While each topic is certainly interesting, I’m curious to know more about a subject closer to issue of faith itself: Have the tough economy times made it harder to still believe?

One reader wrote a heart wrenching letter detailing how her husband’s job loss and her cut in work hours have left them hungry, disillusioned, and nearly hopeless.

Still, despite her hardships she continues to pray to that things get better.

Here’s her story: