Twitter Explains Why White People Riot

With the George Zimmerman case winding down, another funny hashtag addresses the widespread fear of blacks rioting.

Generic image (Thinkstock)
Generic image (Thinkstock)

(The Root) — There’s lots of buzz and fear out there about black people rioting in the streets if a verdict other than “guilty” is handed down in the George Zimmerman case. As the trial winds down, there’s no shortage of fearmongering in the media, from radio and TV to print and online.

But black folks aren’t the only ones with the capacity to channel hot emotions through destructive means. No one seems to remember the Red Summer race riots of 1919, an entire season of deadly riots mostly sparked and led by whites. Everyone also forgets how soccer and hockey fans like to burn things up and tear things down when their favorite teams win or lose. 

But the question posited is always whether or not black people will riot in cases like this. If George Zimmerman is acquitted, will black people be angry enough to resort to violence? Why aren’t we worried about other folks rioting if Zimmerman is found guilty? Surely it couldn’t be that, collectively, blacks are still seen as savage creatures who can’t help resorting to primitive means of emotional dealing, right? Nah, couldn’t be that.

So today Twitter asked: What makes white people riot? The responses, tagged with #WhyWhitePeopleRiot, ranged from silly and fun to soberingly insightful. Take a look at some of the best below.