Twitter Rips Juror B29

After hearing that she said she'd have been the one to hang the jury, the Internet tries to figure out what happened.

"Maddy," juror B29 (ABC)
"Maddy," juror B29 (ABC)

(The Root) — “I was the juror that was going to give them the hung jury,” said juror B29, known only as “Maddy,” in an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts on Good Morning America yesterday.

So what happened?  

That’s the question Twitter was asking yesterday after footage of juror B29’s interview hit the Internet. If she was going to be the one to hang the jury, why wasn’t there a hung jury? What made her give up?

There must have been good reasons, and Twitter took a stab at listing them. The reasons listed, tagged with #WhyJurorB29GaveUp, were comical and trivial, which is how many people saw the juror’s interview and the decisions she made.