‘White People Crazy’: Reverse Racism Is Alive!

These white people are mad.


The tables have turned!

In case you missed it, Atlanta rapper Rawcus dropped an amazing video for his song “White People Crazy.” It features adventurous white people participating in activities that Rawcus and most reasonable people would deem, well, crazy. (For real, though, why would a person choose to put their hand, a hand we presume he or she needs, in the mouth of an alligator? There’s also the dude French-kissing his dog.) 

It’s been dubbed the first viral video of 2014 by dailydot.com. The Internet loves it.

But, surprise! Those who believe in reverse racism weren’t happy about the video’s success.

This guy thinks that this video is proof that equality is a myth. Ha!

These people really wish they could make fun of people of color in the same way: