When Prank Videos Purposely Prey on the ‘Hood’

YouTube prank videos seem to have a common prey nowadays: the hood and black people. 

OckTV prank video
OckTV prank video YouTube screenshot

Prank videos are becoming commonplace on YouTube, but there are several different types of prank videos floating around.  In one instance, you have videos by people like Zaida Pugh, aka Ms. Muffin Pranks, that aim at teaching lessons about racism, domestic violence and abuse.

Pugh has seemingly cornered the market with her version of “What would you do?”-type scenarios. In a recent interview with The Root, Pugh said she wants to use her videos as a wakeup call.

“My pranks kind of wake people up and also see how people feel about [an issue] … I want to see how people feel about it and see what they have to say and how do they react to it, and also I’m trying to do something different from most pranksters [and] have some kind of meaning to it,” Pugh stated.

Then, on the other hand, you have the pranksters who are all about laughs, pretty much at their own expense. With camcorders in hand, they head out to prove that they can make people laugh. Sometimes the videos garner laughs, other times they don’t.

Yousef Saleh Erakat, also known on YouTube as FouseyTube, recently learned the hard way that not everyone finds his videos funny. Especially when they’re aimed at men duped into thinking they’re looking at a woman’s butt.

At one point in the video, one of the men being pranked actually became hostile with the YouTube comic. And it’s this hostility that has seemed to be a focal point of the newest batch of Internet pranksters.

For some reason, these new pranksters seem to get satisfaction out of getting a rise out of black people. On Wednesday a video was uploaded by YouTubers OckTV, and it seems as though they purposely went to the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, N.Y., to antagonize black people. 

The video, titled “Time Check in the Hood,” is supposed to garner laughs, but it actually garners violence: