Want to Dress Like Kanye? Now You Can, but It’ll Cost You!

Would you spend $90 for a plain white T-shirt?


Have you ever wanted to dress like something out of an Old Navy catalog but wanted to pay about a hundred times more for the items? Well, now you’re in luck! 

Wait, what do you mean no? 

Are you sure you wouldn’t want to pay $150 for a camouflage T-shirt? Or how about $385 for some Army pants? In any event, if “money ain’t a thang” to you, then Kanye West’s newest clothing-line collaboration with APC may be right up your alley.

West recently unveiled his fall/winter 2014 season APC x Kanye collaboration, and it isn’t cheap. West and APC founder Jean Touitou’s line is military inspired and will go on sale July 17. Although the prices are steep, given that West’s last collaboration sold like hot cakes, this will probably do the same. Apparently there are people out there willing to look like overpriced Old Navy customers. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the pieces from the line. How about these jeans?

I’m still trying to figure out what’s so special about them. Are they made from cotton aged in a vat of unicorn tears? They can be yours for just $280.