Some Anonymous Person Is Leaving Thousand-Dollar Tips for Servers

And the photos of receipts are being posted on Instagram under the handle @TipsforJesus.

Photo from @TipsforJesus Instagram account
Photo from @TipsforJesus Instagram account Instagram

Several servers employed at restaurants across the country are currently praise-dancing.

Some supergenerous anonymous person or persons are dining at establishments and leaving insane tip amounts for their servers, according to CNBC. Mrs. or Mr. Moneybags eats, asks for the check, sometimes writes a kind message on said check, leaves an even kinder tip and then signs the receipts with “@TipsforJesus.”

Now, these are not 30 or 40 percent tips, which would qualify as well above the 18-20 percent tipping standard. In most instances, tips are well over 500 percent. We’re talking $1,000 (!), $5,000 (!!) and $10,000 (Jesus Christ of Nazareth!) tips on bills that don’t exceed $600. My God in heaven. Anonymous has doled out a reported $50,000 in total so far, and there have been no reports of any credit card declines when servers go to cash in.

The owners of the American Express Centurion Card (formerly known as “the black card”) are documenting their generosity on the Instagram account @TipsforJesus. The page’s description reads, “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.”

This year’s fast-food strike sparked conversations about unlivable wages for folks working in the food-service industry. Looks like @TipsforJesus is doing what it can to help.