Twitter Tackles ‘Black Privilege’

Using a #blackprivilege hashtag, users eviscerate an offensive blog on reverse racism.

Generic image (iStockPhoto)
Generic image (iStockPhoto)

(The Root) — On Friday, April 26, 2013, a fairly offensive Tumblr blog entitled “This Is Black Privilege” made its way to Twitter, promptly ticking off tons of black people. The purpose of the blog, according to its FAQs, is to “educate the uneducated” on the privileges that black people unfairly enjoy, such as BET, Black History Month, not having to go through sensitivity training and — of course! — saying the “n-word.” 

The blog is basically a collection of the whitest tears you’ve ever seen, alleging reverse racism and whining about affirmative action. 

This is either pure ignorance or an attempt to stir up trouble with a little Internet trolling. Whatever the case, black people on Twitter weren’t having it, and they made their distaste known through satire. In the vein of #whitehistoryclasses, a previous hashtag, the trending topic #blackprivilege painted a satirical picture of what “black privilege” really means. Below are some of the funniest, most poignant ones.