Black&Sexy TV Presents: The Greatest Black Movies of All Time, to Be Debated Live on Oscar Night

And you can watch the whole thing on The Root and on our Periscope!


Over the decades, black filmmakers and performers have found ways to create and tell our stories in an industry that was not built for us. We have brought our talents and resources to the table and made real contributions to the landscape of film. For this, we deserve to acknowledge and celebrate ourselves.

Like it or not, the Oscars (so white) will be happening on Sunday, Feb. 28. But lucky for you, that’s not the only option for celebrating the best in cinema that night. There’s going to be something for us, too!

Black&Sexy TV—the YouTube collective that houses several Web series for and by black people (one of which has been picked up by BET: RoomieLoverFriends)—will be hosting The Battle of the G.O.A.T.s: The Greatest of All Time Debates live on YouTube, The Root and The Roots Periscope on Oscar night!

We all want to see what Chris Rock will do with his opening monologue, so don’t worry, the folks of Black&Sexy TV will be watching, too, and discussing it live, so the audience will get a chance to chime in as well. But after that speech, it will be time for the Greatest of All Time Debates!

Black&Sexy TV founders Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch will gather a few of their biggest stars and some of their biggest fans in one room to debate the greatest contributions of all time to cinema from and about black people. The event will be hosted by Black&Sexy TV stars Courtney Burrell and Javicia Leslie, and the debaters will be going head-to-head for 12 different rounds (categories), debating which film or performance is the best. The entire event will be sponsored by AIDS Health Foundation.

We’ll all be watching as they battle it out in these exciting categories:


Love Jones vs. Love and Basketball