The Wire Creator David Simon Uses N-Word on Twitter and Whitesplains Why

Even after his fellow white people asked him to delete the tweet, he refused.


Editor’s note: This post contains tweets that some may find offensive.

In today’s “When Your White Ally Goes Wrong” news, David Simon, creator of The Wire, had some explaining to do on social media when he used the n-word in a tweet.

Simon took issue with the fact that Donald Trump was having a “a town hall meeting on African-American concerns” hosted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Yeah, because Hannity hosting an event with Trump about black-people issues makes a lot of sense. And this is what Simon attempted to point out, sarcastically. But he took a wrong turn:

Of course, people took issue with his tweet and tried to get him to delete it:



Simon gave himself a pass to use the word and said it was to make a point:

Simon’s excuse really doesn’t work. Since he’s someone who considers himself a gifted writer, metaphors should come easy without the use of the n-word.