Talib Kweli to Don Lemon: ‘You Have No Respect for Who I Am’

Talib Kweli gives Don Lemon a lesson on etiquette and Ferguson. 

Talib Kweli and Don Lemon
Talib Kweli and Don Lemon YouTube screenshot    

Don Lemon isn’t the most popular kid on the block when it comes to his CNN coverage of Ferguson, Mo. The veteran news reporter has already been the butt of jokes and memes, and a recent run-in with rapper Talib Kweli has added fuel to the disdain some people hold for him.


Kweli, who is known for his social activism, arrived in Ferguson last week and has been participating in protests and interacting with residents.

Lemon’s interview with Kweli started off with the rapper letting him know why he was there. “I felt like it was up to me to be here and control the narrative because the media’s done a horrible job of making sure the stories get out in the right way,” he said.

Kweli’s jab was directed at CNN and a recent article on the news network’s home page. Kweli refuted the fact that tensions were high and bottles were actually flying, because he was actually there. “I was right there,” Kweli said.

Lemon then went on to interrupt Kweli, which obviously irritated the rapper.

“If I can’t talk, we don’t have to have an interview,” Kweli stated.

Everything seemed to be back on track—well, for at least 10 seconds.

“I would listen to you if you had the decency to greet me—to greet me!” Kweli says.