Stupid S–t Stacey Dash Has Said

The media are buzzing about the actress’s super-awkward, shift-in-your-chair appearance on the Oscars, but we’re not at all surprised.

Stacey Dash in 2014
Stacey Dash in 2014 Rob Kim/Getty Images

Why, Stacey Dash, why?

The media are buzzing about Stacey Dash’s super-awkward, shift-in-your-chair appearance on the Oscars Sunday. She posed as the new director of the academy’s “minority-outreach program,” which I suppose in theory is laughable. This is the same Dash who said that there was no need for Black History Month, among other ill-founded vitriol. Got it. But your joke failed. Horribly.

Still, her appearance made folks wonder: Who is Stacey Dash? And why did she have a mic, anyway?

Let’s talk about around-the-way Stacey.

She’s an actress from the South Bronx, N.Y., whose claim to fame is an appearance in the 1990s movie Clueless. Aside from a music video here and there, her career as an actress has foundered, and her second coming has been as a pundit on Fox. Basically, she’s made herself relevant by saying, well, stupid s–t, particularly as it pertains to issues of race, ethnicity, equality and everything in between.

But, Stacey, let’s not act as if, back in the day, you weren’t fighting over the last blue quarter water at your local bodega. Please.  

Here are a few stupid things that the “Clueless” actress has said.    

The Democratic Party Has “a Plantation Mentality”

During an appearance on The Sean Hannity Show in 2014, Dash was asked this: “Has voting with Obama 95 percent of the time and Obamacare, has that helped the minority community in Louisiana?”