Social Media Gone Awry: FAFSA Tweet Mocks the Poor     

The Federal Student Aid office mocks the poor in an awful tweet aimed at garnering laughs. 

Federal Student Aid office’s controversial tweet
Federal Student Aid office’s controversial tweet Screenshot Twitter

You’d think a government agency would have the common sense not to insult the millions of people who depend on its services in order to afford an education. “Government agency” and not being offensive? Yeah, I’m amazed I typed that with a straight face.

Unfortunately, this was not the case with the official Twitter account of Federal Student Aid, the office of the U.S. Department of Education that provides grants, loans and work-study funds for college and career school. If you are a parent of college students or have even attended college yourself, you may be familiar with filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA form is required for anyone seeking financial aid from U.S. colleges.

Operative word is “anyone.” Not just poor people.

Unfortunately, the people behind the FAFSA Twitter account tried to make a funny Tuesday night by using a photo from the movie Bridesmaids, and some considered it a huge fail:

More than 10 million students a year fill out a FAFSA. Some may receive less aid than others, but just because you’re receiving aid does not make you poor.

Many people on Twitter felt that the tweet was not only socially irresponsible but also completely inappropriate: