Meet the Best Beyoncé Impersonator Ever

She should do this full time. 


Buzzfeed and Jezebel posted Skye Townsend’s hilarious Beyoncé impersonation from Vine. It’s pretty spot on.

Jezebel commenter Fighting Polish wondered why Beyoncé impersonations are not yet an Internet thing, but they are, and Townsend has been executing them brilliantly for some time on her YouTube channel, AngeliqueandSkye.

Here’s Townsend as Bey, expounding on her pregnancy announcement:

And my favorite: “Beyonce’s Personal Response to Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy” (“What do you mean, why am I crying, Solange?!”):

Townsend is also a pretty dope singer. I nominate her for SNL’s next Beyoncé skit, since they seem to have trouble finding talent for that sort of thing.