‘What I Wore When Sexually Assaulted’: Women of Twitter Report

In a spontaneous awareness campaign, users paint a heartbreaking, myth-busting image of the face—and everyday attire—of rape victims. 


Twitter user @Steenfox—real name Christine Fox—was still reeling Wednesday evening from an earlier online debate with a follower who insisted that women’s revealing attire could be a contributing factor to sexual assault.

“I was trying to make him understand that it absolutely does not make a difference, and that the responsibility does not lie on women,” she told The Root.

So when a report of a grandmother’s assault came across her timeline, she used it as a reminder of the absurdity of blaming women’s clothes or conduct for their attacks.

Then, on a whim, she asked her followers to join her.

The response was overwhelming. Within two hours, Fox says, she had received several hundred replies, pouring in faster than she could retweet them. [Editor’s note: These replies appear without attribution to protect the privacy of users who did not anticipate that they would be quoted.]

@steenfox I was wearing a Grumpy Carebear Tshirt, with jean shorts…it was a male relative…(okay to RT)