Sallie Mae Gets Taken to the Woodshed

The loan company tried to celebrate its anniversary, but Twitter had another idea.

Generic image (ThinkStock)
Generic image (ThinkStock)

(The Root) — Reaching your 40th birthday is a huge milestone. Some may celebrate it with a quiet night with the family. Others may put on their good dancing shoes and hit the town with friends. Loan company Sallie Mae decided to celebrate quietly with a couple of tweets commemorating its 40th year, and rather than smiley-faced emoticons, it was met with a tidal wave of angry, often hilarious tweets.

It turns out that not many people look favorably on the private loan giant, especially as student debt, tuition and the company’s profits continue to soar. Sallie Mae’s amicable tweet got angry reactions for Twitterers of all races, but a bevy of them seemed to come from black folks. The reason for this is likely that students of color borrow more money to pay for school than white students.

So for some, Sallie Mae’s birthday wasn’t such a happy occasion after all. Check out some of the angry (and funny) tweets below.