Riley Cooper’s N-Word Controversy

After getting caught using the slur, the NFL star apologized -- but it was too little, too late for Twitter.

Riley Cooper (Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Riley Cooper (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(The Root) — The n-word just can’t stay out of the news lately.

Earlier last month, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper was caught fighting outside a Kenny Chesney concert. On Wednesday, video surfaced of Cooper inside the same event, huffing and puffing inside, threatening to “fight every n–ger” there.

For many, this raised the obvious question: How many black people are really going to Kenny Chesney concerts?

Cooper apologized for using the slur in a series of three tweets.

But it was too late. Twitter had already gotten hold of the video and was on its way to ripping into the player with the hashtag #RileyCooperWillFight. It’s easy to threaten to beat up a bunch of black people when none are around, Cooper. Why not threaten to fight every lion at the North Pole while you’re at it?