He Asked for It: R. Kelly Gets Dragged on Twitter

The singer is getting off on trying to play us.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

To promote the release of his latest project, Black Panties, R. Kelly took to Twitter to indulge his ego and engage the masses. He urged his followers to ask him questions using the hashtag #AskRKelly.

And for every one question tweeted about his music and career, there were a gazillion about his sordid sexual history with underage girls. No shockers. Just lots of snark and shade:

He deserves all of it. Some things to take note of with this whole R. Kelly comeback thing (thanks, Lady Gaga and all of Brooklyn, N.Y.’s white hipsters!): R. Kelly was a lead writer and producer for Aaliyah’s debut album, which was titled—wait for it—Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. This is the same Aaliyah who a 27-year-old R. Kelly was rumored to have married in 1994, when she was just 15.