President Obama: Michelle Still Thinks I’m Cute With Gray Hair

He dishes on aging, his happiness, gun reform and more in his latest Google Hangout.


The White House hosted a Google Hangout Friday, and President Obama took burning questions live from citizens about issues, policy and his well-being.

The White House and Google billed the event, which featured nine people from across the country, as the “first-ever presidential hangout road trip.” All of the questions—culled from the motley group of American citizens with concerns ranging from gun reform to LGBT rights—were great, but one question from Rob in Maine was pretty special.

“Hello, Mr. President, this is about the coolest thing ever,” said Rob, a worker at a solar-power company, in the last question of the hangout. “Out of a million [questions] that I’d love to ask you over a beer somewhere, one man to another, one father to another, one American to another … How are you? … Are you happy? … Is everything good with you, man?”

We never ask the president how he’s doing! President Obama said he’d love to have that beer with Rob, and also said he’s doing great, thanks to his “amazing wife and unbelievably terrific daughters!”

“My wife still thinks I’m pretty cute, even with this gray hair,” Obama said.

This is the third time the president has held a Google Hangout after the State of the Union address. Watch the entire exchange below.

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