PETA Angers Black People. Again

The group's claim that eating chicken during pregnancy could lead to small genitalia in baby boys adds fuel to an already burning flame.


(The Root) — PETA — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — is known for its radical methods, including decorating donated furs with fake blood. On Tuesday reports surfaced that the group was claiming that eating chicken could cause underdeveloped genitals in baby boys. No, seriously.

PETA wrote an open letter to the founder of the National Buffalo Wing Festival that “consuming poultry while pregnant may lead to birth defects in utero, including smaller-than-average penises for newborn boys.” Black folks on Twitter reacted strongly to this latest effort from the organization, which doesn’t have the best track record with African Americans, what with its history of trivializing racism to further its agenda. Take, for example, the time that PETA members dressed up as KKK members to make some sort of a point, and the time they equated the slaughter of cows to the lynching of blacks.