Paula Deen’s Apology: What Twitter Expected?

The jokes continue with #PaulaDeenApologyBingo. Find out if her actual apology measured up.

Paula Deen (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Paula Deen (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

(The Root) — The water that Paula Deen has found herself in just keeps getting hotter. The popular butter enthusiast released two videotapes on Friday apologizing for using the n-word and telling racially insensitive jokes. Deen admitted these misdoings in a taped deposition as part of an ongoing lawsuit aimed at her by a former employee.

The first video, snagged by Buzzfeed before it was made private on YouTube, is an odd, heavily edited montage of Deen begging for forgiveness. The second video bears much of the same, plus some media-blaming for good measure.

Unfortunately, the videos weren’t enough to keep the Food Network from giving Deen the ax today; it has announced that her contract will not be renewed.

Before all this happened, Twitter decided to prep for Paula’s statement with a rousing game of #PaulaDeenApologyBingo, guessing at what she’d probably say.