Oh, This? This Is Just Rare Rehearsal Footage of Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson in 1986

They were practicing the "When I Think of You" choreography. No big deal.


God, I love pop music history.

For you babies who have the misfortune of only knowing Ms. Paula Abdul from her dust-ups in the spotlight as an American Idol judge, I present to you the Paula of yesteryear.

Outside of cranking out some of the most of the indelible pop hits of the ’80s and ’90s, she was also a choreographer who taught the best dancers of our time (you know, Michael, Janet and them) dance sequences that may or may not be the stuff of dance-video history. Again, no big deal.

Here are Janet and Paula, breezing through the last dance sequence of the “When I Think of You” music video.

Janet: so adorable, so quick on the uptake, so perfect. Paula: So talented, so poised and also so perfect.

This is so good. I think I deserve a gift for sharing it with ya’ll. A Thanksgiving thank-you basket or something. Tweet me for my mailing address. (Peace and blessings to @laurenwilliams for passing this on, and for subsequently giving me life today.)

Also, you might as well watch the “When I Think of You” video now that you’re here.