1st Pic of Baby North West Hits the Net

Twitter welcomes little Nori, who is absolutely, positively adorable.

North West (Kris Jenner/Twitter)
North West (Kris Jenner/Twitter)

(The Root) — It’s a good thing Kanye wasn’t planning on heading to the Maury show, because with those cheeks, there is no denying who little North West’s father is. She’s even got her “I’ma let you finish” hand out.

Kris Jenner tweeted the very first picture of little Nori this morning, and Twitter has been buzzing about it ever since. Some folks have been a little confused, while others decided to get the hater train rolling extra early. Others wasted no time in pitting Nori against Blue Ivy.

But overall, the Internet is in love with baby Nori. Check out what folks are saying below.