Naughty by Nature Feuds on Twitter

Two members of the 1990s rap group traded angry tweets and dis tracks.

(The Root) — While you were yawning and stretching and getting ready to start another workweek, Naughty by Nature was breaking up on Twitter. Kind of.

Monday night, group member Treach tweeted that fellow member Vinnie was “officially fired.” He went on to call Vinnie some colorful names, making it clear that things aren’t OK between the two rappers.

Vinnie responded to the tweets via the Naughty by Nature Twitter account that he manages, saying, “Business 101: You can’t fire the owner.” He also made an Instagram post fashioning himself as Native American revolutionary Sitting Bull, illustrating his intent to stay where he is within the group. His response, coupled with Treach’s confirmation that no upcoming Naughty by Nature shows will be canceled, suggests that the group has not officially disbanded — yet.

But if this dis track that Treach released on Wednesday is any indication, the end may not be far away. Once a rap group’s members start making dis tracks aimed at each other, it may be time to hang it up.

Here’s a bit of what Twitter had to say about the drama.