Miley Cyrus Manages Not to Mess Up on Halloween

Who would have thought she'd be the one to get it right?

Miley Cyrus (Twitter)
Miley Cyrus (Twitter)

(The Root) — As our Grapevine alumna Tracy Clayton pointed out last week, there are plenty of ways to dress as a person of color on Halloween and not be racist about it. Example: This dude’s amazing turn as King Jaffe Joffer from Coming to America.

And despite the incredible amount of willpower and decency it takes not to don an egregiously offensive blackface halloween costume, Miley Cyrus managed to do that with her costume this year. She’s dressed as Lil’ Kim from the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, a woman we all miss.

See? No blackface. No brownface. It’s so easy. Miley didn’t mess up, y’all. No one has an excuse.