Mike Epps Accused of Beating Up Fellow Comic Over Jokes

Did Mike Epps really pull out the fisticuffs over some jokes? 

Brad Barket/Getty Images for AOL

Comedian Mike Epps is reportedly under investigation after physically attacking fellow comic Lavar Walker after Walker’s comedy set in Atlanta.

It’s alleged that Walker was attacked by Epps and two other men after Walker’s comedy set at the Uptown Comedy Center on Saturday night.

According to TMZ, Walker told cops someone said Epps wanted to speak with him and was waiting outside. In certain parts of the world, that’s called a “setup.” That talk allegedly ended up with Walker being taken to the hospital and leaving with a new neck brace and battle scars on his face.

 In an interview with Atlanta’s WSBTV, Walker’s lawyer, Chris Stewart, said the altercation occurred because of jokes.

“That’s not funny, and for this to all happen over that Instagram joke is ridiculous,” Stewart said.

Yes, you read correctly. The alleged fight seems to be about an Instagram video. Walker recently uploaded a video on Instagram that made fun of the Twitter beef between Epps and Kevin Hart.

In his Instagram parody, Walker performed an impression of Epps with white powder on his nose.

Although neither comedian has released official statements, there have been tweets, of course. Because why release a statement from an official representative when you can tweet your way through it.