Michelle Obama Side-Eyes President Obama’s Selfie

But is she really that concerned about the president’s photo with another head of state?

Photo by ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images

At Nelson Mandela’s memorial service Tuesday morning, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama sat next to Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt. And it’s 2013, so the president did what most would: He leaned in to join his neighbor in a selfie.

A series of photos making rounds on the Internet appear to suggest that Michelle Obama wasn’t keen on the idea of the president taking flicks with his new friend.

Did she toss her husband a post-selfie side-eye? Did she then shade the smile off of Schmidt’s face? Did she then take the most aggressive precaution and force her husband, the leader of The Free World, to move his seat so that she might keep a more watchful eye on this budding friendship?

All of that is too easy. My opinion: I just can’t imagine that Michelle Obama cares that much. But, but, if all of this didn’t map so nicely onto the “angry black woman once again emasculates her black husband” thing, it would be hilarious.

Ok, maybe it still is.

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