Michael Jackson Is ‘Resurrected’ for the Billboard Music Awards

The King of Pop was resurrected as a hologram to perform “Slave to the Rhythm” off his posthumous album Xscape.


A hologram of Michael Jackson performed during last night’s Billboard Music Awards. Welcome to the future of posthumous music. In a similar style to Tupac Shakur’s performance at Coachella in 2012, the King of Pop’s hologram definitely bore an uncanny resemblance to the singer, but it didn’t look like the Michael Jackson from five years ago. Jackson-Gram hologram performed the new hit “Slave to the Rhythm” off of Jackson’s posthumous album Xscape—which debuted last week at No. 1 in 50 countries.

Jackson’s hologram was dressed in red pants and a gold jacket with militarylike designs on the shoulders. During the performance the hologram hit several of Jackson’s signature moves as it was flanked by dancers and special effects.

But honestly, it just looked creepy.

If this is where the direction of music is going, with deceased artists of holograms being made, where’s the petition to end it all? Although there were some people who thought it was an amazing performance, it seemed blasphemous. Let the dead stay dead. It’s one thing to release music that was previously recorded, but a hologram is a bit much. Last night, people on Twitter seemed to echo the same sentiments: