Michael Dunn Trial Reactions: ‘Some Justice’ Isn’t Enough

Reactions to the verdict are a mixed bag of confusion, anger, relief and disappointment.


A Florida jury found Michael Dunn guilty today on four of five counts, including three for attempted second-degree murder. But jurors could not come to consensus on one—the first-degree murder charge in the death of Jordan Davis, which the judge declared mistried.

In a post-verdict press conference, Florida prosecutor Erin Wolfson said that Dunn faces at least 30 years—each with 20-year mandatory minimums—for each attempted murder charge, and 15 years for the fifth count of “shooting and throwing deadly missles.”

Yes, we’re relieved to know that Dunn will likely spend the rest of his life in prison, but reactions to the verdict on Twitter also point to this unsettling miscarriage of justice for Jordan Davis, the shortcomings and irony of Florida’s law and the black lives that get caught in its web.

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