Marion Barry Totally Loves ‘Scandal’

The former Washington, D.C., mayor live-tweets along with fellow "gladiators."

Marion Barry (Tim Sloan/Getty Images)
Marion Barry (Tim Sloan/Getty Images)

The success of ABC’s Scandal is widely known, and if you have a Twitter account, you know how popular the show is. It turns out that it’s not just your mom, barber and kid’s preschool teacher who are watching — black icons are tuning in, too. 

Marion Barry, the embattled former mayor of Washington, D.C., is really into Scandal, watching and live-tweeting the show nearly every Thursday night it airs. Clearly the jokes kind of write themselves, since Barry knows a thing or two about scandals in the District of Columbia. In 1990 he was arrested on drug charges for possession of crack cocaine. He was caught using the drug on camera in a hotel bust.

Fellow “gladiators” (the name given to fans of the show) are thrilled at the idea of watching the show with Barry. It’s kind of cool to know that he is as committed to finding the mole as he is to helping his people overcome. Check out some of his best Scandal tweets below.