Church Shuns Former NFL Player Over Collins Tweet

After he tweeted support for the gay NBA player, LeRoy Butler's anti-bullying event was canceled by a Wisconsin church.

(The Root) — It looks as if former NFL player LeRoy Butler was bullied out of speaking at an anti-bullying presentation.

A church in Wisconsin canceled an event featuring the former Green Bay Packer after he congratulated NBA player Jason Collins on Twitter. Collins came out as gay earlier this week, and several celebs and fellow athletes expressed their support via social media. The former Green Bay Packer took to Twitter to share his story.

In his tweets, Butler says that he was told by the pastor of the church that if he “removed the tweet, and apologized, and asked god forgiveness [sic],” he would be allowed to speak at the event. Butler refused, stating in a later interview, “Why would you ask me to reduce my integrity like that?”

Butler has received an outpouring of support for refusing to bend to the church’s request. Check out his tweets on the matter below.