Kanye West in Twitter Beef With Wiz Khalifa, Tells Rapper He Owns His Child

What you don’t do is talk about someone’s child. You’d think his mother would have taught him better.

Kanye West
Kanye West PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

Editor’s note: This post contains tweets that some may find offensive.

Kanye West should be worried about his upcoming album release that still has yet to be titled. But instead, on Wednesday afternoon, he was all in his feelings on Twitter and beefing with Wiz Khalifa.

It seemingly started out over the following tweet Wiz sent out Tuesday night. Then, the rapper tweeted about “KK,” which everyone but Kanye knows is the nickname for Khalifa Kush (a strain of weed).


Apparently West, who should be dropping his album any day now, thought “KK” referred to his wife’s initials. Because that’s just how arrogant he is. So instead of wrapping up what he calls the greatest album ever, Kanye went into Twitter-finger mode: