17 Folks Who’ve Never Heard ‘Strange Fruit’

These people on Twitter want to quote Kanye's 'Blood on the Leaves' so bad -- but they just can't get it right.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

(The Root) — Kanye’s sixth studio album, Yeezus, was released on Tuesday, but the Internet has been buzzing about it since it leaked last week. One song in particular, “Blood on the Leaves,” made a particularly big splash. It samples Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit,” a haunting song about the epidemic of lynching in the American South. My Twitter buddy @steenfox called my attention to an interesting phenomenon concerning this track.

As people do with their favorite songs, many on Twitter have been tweeting a portion of the song’s refrain: “Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.” The only problem is that a healthy helping of people have clearly never heard the original. There’s no strange fruit hanging from their poplar trees — but their poppy trees, papa trees and popple trees are teeming.

Here are 17 people who have no idea what they’re talking about.