Kanye Addresses ‘Black Skinhead’ Video Leak

The star appeals to sites carrying the video and has a special message to the person who leaked it.

Kanye West (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)
Kanye West (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

(The Root) — Kanye West is in a bit of a tizzy over the leaking of the video for his latest single, “Black Skinhead,” from his Yeezus album. Twitter was talking about the video yesterday when West shot out a series of tweets lamenting the vid’s release before it was finished and urging websites hosting the video to take it down.

West tweeted that the version released was not the official version, adding, “Me and [director] Nick Knight have been working on this video for 5 months and for creative it’s heartbreaking when something like this happens.”

His response to the leaked video was tame compared with West’s notable tantrums. As of now, it doesn’t look as if many websites have heeded his plea; it’s still up at MTV UK.

And to whoever leaked the video in the first place, West had a special message.