Kanye Declares Bill Cosby Is Innocent; Internet Declares Official Start of #KanyeIsCancelledParty

The rapper was on a tweeting spree and threw in his support for Cosby. Then social media threw Kanye a going-away party.

Randy Brooke/Getty Images for Kanye West

It seems as though Kanye West is doing his own public relations work via his Twitter account. From promoting his new clothes for New York Fashion Week to hyping people up about his upcoming music release, West is a one-man public relations crew. But Tuesday night, his self-promotion backfired when he became a Bill Cosby supporter.

In between tweets about his upcoming fashion show, West, in all caps, shouted his support for Cosby.


And the Internet collectively asked, “Dude, WTF?”


Social media took matters into their own hands and jokingly mocked West with #KanyeIsCancelledParty. Basically, their way of saying, “We’ve had enough of you.”