John Legend Schools Donald Trump Jr. on His Father’s Racism

The singer wasn’t afraid to call Trump out for what he really is.


Unlike mainstream media, John Legend isn’t afraid to call Donald Trump out for what he really is: a racist. And he’s also not afraid to stand by those words when confronted by one of Trump’s offspring.

Legend and Donald Trump Jr. had a few words with each other on Twitter after Trump Jr. commented on his father’s Chicago rally being upstaged by protesters:

Legend then offered a succinct clapback:

Trump Jr. didn’t take kindly to his response, saying that it was the same response people have to anything they don’t like:

“No,” Legend replied. “It’s just the answer when racist racists are saying racist [s–t] and are endorsed by the KKK.”

Of course, a Trump supporter had to butt in to the conversation, but apparently he didn’t do his research first: