Jay Z Posts a Ranking of His Own Albums

Guess which one comes in dead last?

Jay Z
Jay Z Ferdy Damman/AFP/Getty Images

Today is Dec. 4.

Today is also Jay Z’s 44th birthday. As you know, four plus four equals eight. And if you add four to eight, you get 12. Twelve also happens to be the number of studio albums Jay Z has recorded, which means that today is the day intended for him to gift the world with his ranking of his own work. (If you know nothing about the Beyoncé and Jay Z School of Illuminati Numerology, shame on you.)

On the Life + Times Facebook page, Jay Z shared a photo of CDs representing his body of work—with the exception of live albums (Unplugged) and collaborations (Watch the Throne, Best of Both Worlds)—stacked in order of their greatness, according to him. Reasonable Doubt comes in at a predictable No. 1. Kingdom Come predictably lands in last place.

I didn’t think Jay and I would see eye to eye on this:

What’s your ranking of Jay’s best albums? And in case this needs to be said, there are clearly no wrong answers here.

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