#IfTrumpWereBlack Exposes the Biases Regarding Donald Trump and His Scandals

We all know that if Trump were a black man, he wouldn’t even be an option for conservatives, and mainstream media would be having a field day ripping him to pieces.

Donald Trump Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Several weeks ago, Van Jones posted a Facebook Live video questioning the way in which mainstream media has been downplaying Donald Trump’s scandals. From bankruptcy to sexual assault and his ties to Russia, no one seems to really care that these dark clouds are hanging over the man running for president. But, of course, if Trump were black, he would have been raked across flaming-hot coals.

It seems as though for some people, emails are more important than Trump’s scandals, racism, misogyny and possible ties to Russia. But #IfTrumpWereBlack, we all know it would be a different story.

#IfTrumpWereBlack was a trending topic on Twitter most of Thursday afternoon, and the biases were clear.

It’s crazy how President Barack Obama didn’t have one scandal to his name when he was running for president. But this guy? And given the way conservatives and mainstream media handle him with kid gloves, if he becomes president, we’re all doomed.