Twitter Starts ‘Free Terio’ Campaign

Fans worry about possible exploitation of the Vine star after seeing videos of him forced to dance.

Vine video screenshots (Twitter)
Vine video screenshots (Twitter)

(The Root) — Adulation for Terio, the 6-year-old dancing dynamo credited with saving Vine, has given way to concern after two more videos of him went viral.

In the videos, Terio is in a hotel hallway surrounded by adults clamoring for pictures and forcing him to dance. Terio looks as if he would rather be anywhere else; he is unsmiling and appears sad, dejected and exhausted. Public outcry was intense enough to get the person who originally posted the videos (they came from a Vine account called MADDLADTROY) to remove them hours later.

But the damage had been done. Twitter began several hashtags, like #FreeTerio and #JusticeForTerio, calling for his caretakers to stop putting T-shirt sales and Vine shares above his childhood and happiness. Some of the tweets were funny, but all shared the same concern. Check out some of them below.