Ellen DeGeneres Doesn’t Know Geography and Delta Air Lines Thinks Giraffes Are Everywhere in African Countries

Generalizations about Ghana ran amuck on social media after the U.S. defeated Ghana during the World Cup. 

Ellen DeGeneres; image from Delta Air Lines’ Twitter feed
Ellen DeGeneres; image from Delta Air Lines’ Twitter feed Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter; Delta Air Lines/Twitter   

If you’re not keeping up with the World Cup, you may have missed last night’s match between the U.S. and Ghana. In what could be described as a jaw-clenching match, the U.S. team avenged its 2006 and 2010 losses to Ghana, and pulled out a 2-1 victory over Ghana’s Black Stars.

During the game, and after the win, social media was on fire with praises for the U.S. team, and understandably so. But there were two accounts in particular that garnered raised brows and head shakes.

Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres tweeted her way through the match, but either showed her ignorance about Ghana or her lack of comedic timing when she tweeted the following:

Of course people were quick to call DeGeneres out: