Twitter Roasts Don Lemon’s New Haircut

The anchor's latest coif provided some sweet revenge for people upset by his past comments.


(The Root) — We’re not quite sure what Don Lemon was expecting when he tweeted a picture of his new haircut, but it’s safe to assume that eight-plus hours of jokes wasn’t what he had in mind.

Lemon tweeted the above picture of himself with the makings of a high-top fade, one of the blackest, most urban hairstyles available in the pictures on the barbershop wall. It was interesting that such a vocal proponent of black “respectability” would rock a cut that would likely get him racially profiled in 1994.

Twitter folks immediately launched into a fun game called #DonLemonLooksLike, in which they equated Lemon’s retro style with ’90s black cultural icons and moments.