SNL May Have a New Black Female Comedian by January

The show’s creators hosted a secret audition after drawing criticism for their lack of diversity.

Black female comedians at the secret Saturday Night Live audition
Black female comedians at the secret Saturday Night Live audition Instagram

The producers of Saturday Night Live responded to the lack of diversity in the show’s cast by holding a secret audition for black female comedians only, according to The Gothamist.

The showcase, held at Los Angeles’ Groundings theater last Sunday, featured some of our favorite black female comedians, including Simone Shepherd, Tiffany Haddish, LaKendra Tookes and Bresha Webb, who posted photos of the event on Instagram. (The photos are no longer available.)

This is good news. The better news is that if SNL chooses one of these performers to join the cast, we might see a new black face on the show as early as January 2014.

Good job? SNL, we haven’t forgotten about your one-black-woman-every-10-years average, so please don’t wait another 10 years before you go out of your way to find talented black female cast members. And this doesn’t mean you’re done. Don’t forget about your Asian and South Asian problem. 

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