Dick Vitale Live Tweets His Way Through a Lionel Richie Concert    

The most enthusiastic sports commentator is also a huge Lionel Richie fan. 

Dick Vitale, Lionel Richie and a guest
Dick Vitale, Lionel Richie and a guest Dick Vitale/Instagram    

Dick Vitale is known for being one of the most enthusiastic sports announcers in the industry. But did you know he’s also a huge Lionel Richie fan? Could you possibly imagine sitting next to Vitale at a concert with the constant yelling and spurts of excitement? No? Neither could I, but Vitale attended a Richie show Monday night, and if his tweets were any indication of what happened, you can definitely bet it was an amazing show.

Richie and CeeLo performed at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa Monday night, and Vitale tweeted his way through Richie’s performance. Vitale shared his concert experience with his followers on Instagram and Twitter. Take a look at a few of his highlights:

Can you hear his voice in your head yet?